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Why You Should Be Keeping Track of Your Inches

Measuring your inches lost is visual proof that you are shrinking. If you aren’t measuring your waist with a measuring tape each week, START NOW!!  

Most people judge their weight loss progress on how many pounds they have lost but the truth is, the scale is not the most accurate representation of your progress. The weight of a person or object is the gravitational force between the object or person and the Earth at that point in time.

There are many things that affect our weight on the daily and are the reason why scales are not always the most accurate tool to track progress.

  • Water- The body is constantly trying to maintain the right balance of water in order for it to function correctly- a process called homeostasis. We are constantly losing water through our sweat, urine, breathing and bowel movements, which causes weight to fluctuate.
  • Sodium- Our intake of sodium also causes our weight to fluctuate. Depending on what you eat, your sodium level is constantly changing. When you eat more sodium, your body has to retain more water to ensure that the right balance is maintained.
  • Glycogen- Glucose (blood sugar) that is not used for immediate energy is turned into glycogen and stored in your muscles, which affects the balance off water in your body.
  • Muscle- As you exercise more and more, you are building muscle, which weighs more than fat, which means the scale might not move as much but it doesn’t mean you aren’t making progress. For example, a 250 lb. weight lifter and a 250 lb. person who is overweight weigh the exact same, but the makeup of their bodies are entirely different.

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