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Say No to Fad Diets

“If everyone jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?” How many times have we heard that from our parents when we wanted to do something our friends were doing? The same logic can be applied to fad diets. We hear about them all the time. It seems like a new fad diet comes out each week! What exactly is a fad diet? A fad diet is an eating plan that quickly gains popularity, and promises dramatic, quick, and unrealistic weight loss results. These diets often want you to cut an entire food group out, eat way too little, or even not at all for long periods of time. It’s true, that you may lose weight quickly, but it is usually mostly water or muscle weight, not fat.

Here are a couple reasons why you want to say no to fad diets:

  1. Dehydration- If you lose too much water weight, you can become dehydrated.
  2. Fatigue- Food equals energy, and if you are depriving yourself of food, you will have no energy.
  3. Digestion problems- Losing weight too quickly and the wrong way can lead to problems like diarrhea or constipation.
  4. Nutrient deficiencies - By restricting food or eliminating a whole food group, like fats or carbohydrates, for too long, you deprive the body of essential nutrients it needs to function correctly.

Not to mention, when you lose weight that quickly, it usually comes right back just as fast when you stop the diet. On the other hand, diets like the GOLO plan, help you lose weight the right way, by focusing on all four food groups, so you get all the nutrients that you need. This helps you to lose weight (fat, not water or muscle) steadily about 1-2 pounds each week, which makes it more likely to stay off. And, because you are getting good nutrition, you’ll have lots of energy. Make sure to do your research before starting any type of diet, and remember, just because it’s popular does not mean that it’s healthy!

GOLO® is committed to providing you with the helpful tips and resources needed for personal success on a lifelong journey of health and wellness. It’s time to become #YourBestYou.


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