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Rise And Shine

How do you start your day? Do you have a morning routine or do you roll out of bed, quickly getting ready for your day and rush out the door? So many of us have very busy lives and every day we just move from moment to moment without taking time to connect with ourselves or what we want our lives to look or feel like. Do you ever feel like you are just reacting to what life throws at you? Why not start your day with intention and focus? Many famous and very successful, athletes, entrepreneurs and celebrities swear by their morning routines, why not give it a try? Reasons why a morning routine is important:

  • If you start your day by focusing on what you want to create, it will cause you to consciously and subconsciously take actions towards the goals and life that you want.
  • It gives you a chance to set an intention for your day. What are you hoping to accomplish? What are you hoping to feel throughout your day? What direction do you want your day to go in?
  • Starting your day with healthy habits for a healthy body, directly impacts how you feel all day and whether you are full of energy or not.
  • Routines help you achieve balance. Having some time devoted to your own well-being is a crucial component of creating a great day.
Some great ideas to include in your morning routine:
  • Drink plenty of water. Drinking water gives you energy and gets your body hydrated and ready for the day.
  • Meditate. Even a few minutes of quiet time is great. This is a time to relax your thoughts and helps you to focus throughout the rest of your day.
  • Set your intention for the day. What are you hoping to get out of your day? Do you want it to be productive, relaxing, fun??
  • Setting and reviewing goals. What do you want in your life and why? The “why” is as important as the “what”. The “why” is what keeps you motivated. You can even include visualizing your goals as a part of your morning.
  • Exercise or move your body. Get your blood moving. This should be something that you really enjoy. Take a walk, go to the gym, dance or stretch.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast. At GOLO®, we know how important a healthy breakfast is to your day. Your body needs fuel to feel energized and ready to tackle the day. Remember that if you start your day with a healthy meal, you are more likely to continue with healthy meals throughout the day.
  • Personal Hygiene. This seems like a no brainer, but it is important to care for our bodies and to live in a manner that is respectful and loving to our bodies. Be sure to design your morning so that you love it. You want to make sure that you look forward to it. Remember, a morning routine is about creating the life you want and enjoying it along the way.

GOLO® is committed to providing you with the helpful tips and resources needed for personal success on a lifelong journey of health and wellness. It’s time to become #YourBestYou.

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