Quick and Easy GOLO Meal Prep Ideas

It’s time for another GOLO® #MealPrepMonday!

Today we’re going to give you some helpful tips to make prepping your GOLO meals a breeze!

1. Pick a Meal Prep Day
Pick one day that you will use to prep your meals for the week. Don’t worry, it won’t take the whole day – if you follow GOLO’s easy plan you can expect to only spend 1-2 hours cooking for the whole week!

2. Season meat multiple ways using a single pan
Prep lots of chicken (or even beef) for the entire week in just one pan! Just make aluminum foil dividers and place them in between each different flavor seasoning. Try 1, 2 or even 3 of our favorite flavor combinations the next time you prep your proteins:

Lemon Garlic
Honey Soy
Balsamic Vinegar
Orange Rosemary
3. Hard-boiled Eggs in the Oven
Yes, you read that right! You can hard boil your eggs in the oven! To make a dozen to go, simply place the eggs (shell and all) in muffin tins for just 30 minutes.
TIP: Do a small test run first to ensure your oven doesn’t run too hot or too cold before cooking a full pan of eggs.

4. Chop Raw Vegetables in Advance
Cut (or spiralize) your weekly veggies in bulk ahead of time. Zucchini and/or butternut squash noodles will stay fresh in the fridge for 3-5 days. Chopped carrots, onion and peppers will last a week when refrigerated properly in a sealed plastic bag or container.

5. Skewer Meats for Quick Portions
Using wooden skewers can be a huge help with portion control. Cook up a batch and save the rest for the week. If you’re using wooden skewers remember to soak in water beforehand.

6. Pre-Assemble Lunch Salads in a Jar
Using a glass jar will save your salad from getting mushy before lunchtime. Put the dressing at the bottom of the jar and layer more solid vegetables on top, such as cucumbers, peppers and carrots, and then saving the greens or grains on top. Put a small piece of paper towel on top, just enough to cover the opening, to absorb moisture if storing for a few days.

7. Cook Your Carbs at Once
Cook large batches of quinoa, brown rice, beans and/or potatoes. This will allow you to quickly throw a GOLO meal together last-minute and still get to work on time!

8. Portion Out Your Snacks
Prevent yourself from overeating by portioning your nuts, veggies or favorite snack into plastic bags or portable jars. It’s easy to not know when to stop eating when you’ve got an entire bag sitting in front of you, but having just enough ready to go for lunch or a snack will keep you from going overboard on your GOLO diet plan.

GOLO® is committed to providing you with the helpful tips and resources needed for personal success on a lifelong journey of health and wellness. It’s time to become #YourBestYou. Be sure to check back in next Monday for some more #MealPrepMonday tips!

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Visit GOLO.com to access all the weight loss tools GOLO has to offer!

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