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Natural Sunburn Remedies

It is almost the middle of summer, and the sun is shining! The best part of summer is being able to be outside more often, but it also puts you at risk for sunburn, which can be painful and uncomfortable.

Today, we are going to discuss some natural sunburn remedies that can soothe the burn and promote healing.

  1. Potatoes- Yes, potatoes! They have pain-relieving properties and can reduce inflammation. All you have to do is thinly slice the potato and lie the slices directly on the burn.
  2. Cold Milk Compress- We all know that milk help when we eat something spicy, so it’s no wonder that it helps with a topical burn as well. Just dip a clean washcloth into cold milk and apply it to the burn.
  3. Cornstarch/baking soda- The amount of cornstarch/baking soda you would need depends on how big of an area you need to cover. Add cornstarch/baking soda to cool (not cold) water until it becomes a paste and then apply directly to the burn. Rinse off completely once the pain has let up.
  4. Drink up- Making sure that you stay hydrated and drinking enough water is essential to healing.
  5. Green tea- Apply chilled green tea to the burn, it can help relieve pain and heal your skin.
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar- Fill a spray bottle with pure, unfiltered ACV and spritz it onto your skin. You can also put it into bath water (see our “10 Things to Add for the Best Bath Ever” blog post for directions).
  7. Plain Yogurt- If you are experiencing painful sunburn, apply cool yogurt directly to your burn and let it sit for 5 minutes. When the pain subsides, rinse off with cool water. The probiotics and enzymes will help heal your skin faster.
  8. Cucumber- Cucumbers are known for their cooling, antioxidant properties. Just slice up a chilled cucumber and lay the slices on your burned skin, flipping them when the first side heats up.

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