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Micro-Wave Goodbye!

Microwaves are a very convenient way to cook, thaw, or reheat food- but there are some not good things about them as well. One of our employees doesn’t even own a microwave, and until she said told me about it, I’d never even considered not using mine. So, I decided to do some research and what I found was surprising so I thought I would share.

Here are some more less than appealing facts about microwaves:

• Food loses its nutritional value
o A 2003 study found that broccoli, when microwaved with just a little bit of water loses up to 97% of its beneficial antioxidants. However, when you steam it, it only loses about 11% or less (The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, November 2003).
o A 1999 Scandinavian study showed that asparagus lost nearly all of its Vitamin C when microwaved.
o One study concluded that microwaving garlic for only 60 seconds completely inactivates it’s allinase- this garlic’s active disease fighting ingredient.

• Food is cooked unevenly- Bacteria is destroyed during microwave cooking, however, there is a high chance that the food will cook unevenly, thereby allowing the bacteria and other micro-organisms to thrive in these cold spots (Food Safety and Inspection Service of US Department of Agriculture). Also, food in a microwave does not cook from the inside out, the outer layers are heated first and the insides are mostly cooked from the heath of the hot outer layers.

• Cooking in plastic containers- Cooking food in plastic containers in the microwave is not recommended because of the toxic plastic molecules that can attach you your food, which may affect the chemical composition of the food.

• Microwaves are a form of electromagnetic energy- microwaves decay and change the molecular structure of food by the process of radiation, which we all know is not good for you.

• A microwave can emit the same type of radiation as a cell phone tower

Did you know the entire country of Russia actually banned microwaves after years of in-depth research? (They’ve since reversed it due to public outcry but this was very interesting to me).

I realize that not using the microwave ever might not be easy for you (or me either) but this research has made me think long and hard about when I should be using it. Here at GOLO’s corporate office, we do have a microwave but we also have an electric skillet that we use to heat things up. The food cooks so much more evenly and I have to admit, it tastes better!

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