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Mental Fitness

Staying focused on your health and wellness goals can be challenging, but at GOLO we are always up for a challenge! Any form of physical activity will assist in keeping you focused on your ultimate goal of living a healthier lifestyle. Telling you that exercise helps with weight loss is nothing you haven’t heard before, but what many people don’t realize is that the benefits of staying physically active reach far beyond “fitness”.

In fact, some of these benefits are intangible. Along with improving your physical health, exercising regularly also provides an immense amount of mental health support that will help to keep you motivated and fixated on your weight loss journey. I am a firm believer that everything begins with self-love. You need to love yourself enough to do what is best for you and your body and in turn, your mind and body will LOVE you for it!

Normally on GOLO #FitnessFridays, we post exercise videos and we realize that might give the impression that you must do physically demanding routines to see results. Boy, is that far from the truth! Simply walking around the block once a day can reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety. 40-60 minutes of physical activity per week can have an incredible impact on your body and mind. When you break that down day-by-day, you’ll realize that that equates to just 7-8 minutes of activity per day. That’s all it takes! Able to walk? Then you can exercise.

Unable to walk? You can still exercise! Give GOLO’s Perfect 5™ resistance band device a try (it can be done from the comfort of a chair)! No matter what you choose to do, remember to do what you can – only you know your limits. Set realistic goals for yourself and go for it! The simple action of taking time to do something for YOU (no matter what it may be) will serve as a reminder of your main goal…a healthier you!

With this in mind, you’ll find that subconsciously you will begin to make healthier food choices to nourish your body all on your own! As you are going on your walks, exercising, or whatever it is that you choose to do to stay active, come up with your own positive affirmations or intentions to keep your focus. Your thoughts become your actions. Your actions create your life. Let’s make it a happy and healthy one. :]

Positive Affirmations “I have the willingness and the determination to treat my body with tenderness and love.” “I am getting better every day.” “I exercise because I can, not because I have to.” “I now eat all the right foods for optimum health, I am fully energized and satisfied.”


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