Guest Blog #8

Guest Blog #8

Many people wonder if GOLO really works. I get it. You’re at the beginning and it sounds unrealistic. Or you’ve been working it for a month or two and are discouraged by weight fluctuation or weeks with weight gain. Lots of weight loss plans fail, and they’ve failed you before.

Here’s why GOLO really works. It’s a lifestyle change. By struggling through that initial adjustment and then sticking with it, I have maintained my healthier weight for 8 years! You will see times when the scale moves up. Maybe that’s muscle mass. Maybe there are other, better things happening in your body. Your body chemistry will change as you eat what it actually needs. Stick with it, and eventually all the healthy habits that YOU are training into your life by following the plan will show the rewards. This is YOU, with GOLO to help.

GOLO is focused on health more than weight. Yes, for many, weight is a health problem, and that is a part of it. When I joined the GOLO clinical trial – before it was ever available to the public, my a1c was at the “high risk for diabetes” level. Now it is within the healthy range. My activity level was so-so. Now I know that being active a little bit each day gives me more energy.

With GOLO, I learned about the value of clean eating. We hear about it in the media, but now I had a supportive group of people who helped translate it into reality. Believe me, spending money on fresh fruits and vegetables, instead of cheap, pre-packaged, chemical-filled frozen meals, processed meats, or canned goods will pay off in the long run, because you won’t need to eat as much! Healthy food is actually more filling!

GOLO also taught me that muscle mass is important for a healthy metabolism. I still have the Perfect 5 resistance bands from GOLO. I’ve moved 5 times since that trial, and this simple form of strength training is easy to pack. My set of small dumbbells had to stay behind when we moved to China, but the GOLO bands came with me. They even go with me on long vacations.

One thing that I don’t think is talked about much, probably because it’s not measurable, is that when you learn to treat your body right, when the healthy habits are in place, you are more in-tune with changes that take place in your body. Moving overseas meant a change in diet. Twice, as we moved from China to Vietnam. Getting married affected my eating and activity. Aging is known to affect metabolism. But when you are healthy, you can feel the changes quicker and adjust more easily.

Do yourself a favor and push through the stress of that first period when everything is new and feels different. It takes time to create a habit. Soon you will crave what is good for you.

Do yourself a favor and accept that the scale may waver. When you weigh, try also taking measurements. Test the fit of your clothes. Follow the plan and the wavering numbers will balance out.

Check in to the GOLO Facebook page for encouragement.

Talk to GOLO support when you need specific help.

GOLO can help you be your healthiest you, but it’s up to YOU to do the work. You really can do this!