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GOLO Gift Guide

GOLO Gift Guide

One of the joys of the holiday season is giving a gift that brings a smile to someone’s face. This year, you may be feeling more stress than usual regarding the financial impact of your normal gift giving. We understand. Which is why we’ve created the GOLO Gift Guide.

Our Guide shows you how to create inexpensive, meaningful gifts that can help the recipient save time and live a healthier lifestyle. Talk about something we would all love to receive! Plus, with our custom printable tags you can give the gift of health without looking cheap or like you put something together at the last minute.

How to use the GOLO Gift Guide:

The GOLO Gift Guide provides printable gift tags and a list of ingredients to help you create your gifts. All you have to do is buy jars and fill them with the ingredients (don’t worry, we even did the research on where to buy these at the lowest cost). Then, print and fill out your gift tag, secure the tag to your jar, and give your gift!

What you can gift with the GOLO Gift Guide:

Option 1: Healthy Chili Dinner Basket

Gift basket with ingredients for healthy chili

This gift is one of our favorites because the person receiving it not only gets a new favorite recipe, but also has the pleasure of not having to decide what to cook for dinner!

Click HERE to download our Best Ever Chili recipe and printable gift tag.

You have the option of purchasing all or some of the ingredients to give this Chili Basket! We purchased everything except for the ground beef & olive oil; we also combined the spices in a small jar to include with the gift.

Option 2: ‘Tis the Seasoning Spice Collection

Small glass jars with buffalo spice, taco spice, cajun spice, and Jamaican spice

Almost all pre-mixed spices contain unnecessary ingredients, too much sodium, and sometimes even added sugar. Our GOLO Spice Collection has seasoning essentials to help the recipient make their delicious foods taste even better! 

Plus, if you already have these spices at home, creating this gift will only cost you the price of the jars.

NOTE: We recommend making the spice blends in a larger container and then transferring them to the spice jars. Some recipes will make enough to fill several jars.

Click HERE to download our ‘Tis the Seasoning ingredients list, gift tags, and labels.

Click HERE to view the correct size spice jars.

Option 3: Pickling Spice

Glass jars on a table with pickled vegetables in them.

Everyone loves pickles, but did you know they are easy to make on your own? And that you can pickle all types of vegetables? If eaten within 1 month, they don’t need to be traditionally canned. Just follow our easy recipe!

This gift offers suggestions for many other items aside from cucumbers that can be pickled. You have the option of pickling the veggies yourself and giving them to the recipient along with the recipe, or you can simply give them the recipe along with the spices due to the fact that the pickles need to be refrigerated. The choice is yours!

Click HERE to download our pickling ingredients list and gift tags.

Click HERE to view the correct size pickling jar.



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