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Gain to Lose

Some people believe the less they eat, the more weight they will lose but nothing is further from the truth. Starvation among those who are overweight is widespread, and even worse, unhealthy diets such as keto and low-carb have soared in popularity, even though they are not fool-proof solutions. In reality, we need all different types of macro-nutrients. (Yes, even carbs!) That’s the only way we can maintain a healthy weight and a strong hormone balance. Starvation is never the answer.

Something has to change

George was an active man who began to feel more and more tired. “For years, I just ate whatever and whenever. I rarely ate three meals a day, and usually I wolfed down a big dinner instead. At age 57 for my 5'10” frame, I was almost 250 pounds with a 45” belly. I was just too tired all the time with aches and pains, so I had to do something about. It made me feel guilty not to be in shape.”

George started GOLO not only to lose weight and look better, but to have more energy and ambition towards a healthier and fulfilling life. A significant factor in losing weight is having the right attitude and filling in the gaps with new ideas and activity rather than "comfort" food.

 George understood a basic principle: You must gain to lose.

You have to gain knowledge in nutrition, and you must earn confidence in yourself, just as George did: “I am grateful for GOLO and the education I have received about proper food and eating habits. I actually eat MORE on this plan than I did before. But now, I’m eating the right food in the right amounts.” 

Lessons for life

George couldn’t be happier with the weight he’s lost and the lessons he’s learned. Now he practices good habits that will keep him active, in shape, and healthy for the rest of his life. He has lost 75 pounds so far and now fits in a 34-pant size. “I must have gone four notches down on my belt, and it’s unbelievable how big my old clothes are. Was I really that big?”

GOLO is his plan for life –– not the trendy cabbage diets this summer. Remember: Even after you have reached your goals, you can and will practice the GOLO principles for the rest of your life.


GOLO® is committed to providing you with the helpful tips and resources needed for personal success on a lifelong journey of health and wellness. It’s time to become #YourBestYou.

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