DIY Bee Watering Station

Here at GOLO, we really care about the bees- because they are important to our food and oxygen sources. It is getting considerably warmer outside, and it’s getting harder and harder for our little friends to find sources of water.

Fortunately, it’s incredibly easy to make a bee watering station that will allow them to hydrate without the risk of drowning.

Here’s what you will need:

• A shallow container- flower pot base, a platter, a pie tin

• Pebbles, marbles or glass beads

• Water

1. Fill the container with water so that only the tops of your marbles or pebbles are exposed, which provides a safe landing spot for the bees

2. Place the container in a cool, shady spot 3. Make sure to top of water regularly

It could not be any easier! And as an added bonus, this watering station will also attract butterflies!

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