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Bee Pollen

Bees do so much for us, most of us don’t even realize it. Providing their pollen is just one of these things, and believe it, it’s a GREAT thing:

  • Reduces inflammation- the anti-inflammatory properties of bee pollen have been compared to drugs such as naproxen and acetaminophen. Research suggests that it can be used for acute and chronic inflammatory conditions.
  • Anti-oxidant properties- It has been suggested that bee pollen’s antioxidant activities are similar to those found in fermented foods.
  • Protects your liver- Bee pollen protects against oxidative stress and promotes the healing of liver damage caused by toxicity. It also can be used to cleanse the liver.
  • Boosts your immune system- Bee pollen is antimicrobial and has been shown to combat conditions associated with bacteria such as staphylococcus. It is also a natural allergy fighter- it has an ability to inhibit the activation of mast cells, which plays an important role in allergic reactions.
  • Serves as a dietary supplement- It contains vitamin C, A, E, and D, essential fatty acids, flavonoids, vitamins B1 and B12, calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc, manganese, silicon and selenium.
  • Relieves stress- The bee pollen’s nutritional properties improve blood supply to your nervous tissue, which boosts mental capacity and strengthens the nervous system that may be weakened by stress.
  • Promotes healing- can be used as a topical treatment for burn relief, can help improve blood circulation, and moistens the skin. The best way to consume be pollen is to literally eat it straight or mix it into food, such as smoothies. It is also available in capsule form.

IMPORTANT- If you are allergic to bees, DO NOT consume bee pollen. If you suspect you might have a bee allergy, consult with a physician before trying. It is suggested that you test the bee pollen before fully ingesting it. Place one granule under your tongue and let it dissolve completely. If you experience no reaction, increase the dose by one every day until you get to the standard dose, which is about 1 tbsp. a day. 

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