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Aquatic Fitness

Today’s topic is aquatic fitness- have you ever tried it? Not only is it fun and it burns a lot of calories, but there are other health-related benefits too:

1. Healthy heart rate- when you are in cool water, the blood moves through the body at a faster rate to warm up, so it keeps your heart pumping!

2. Low Impact- Due to the buoyancy of water, there is no stress on the joints, so if you are someone who experiences joint pain, this is the perfect exercise for you.

3. Less room for injury- Pools provide a “soft” environment for workouts. You do not have to worry about falling, and the water can provide relief for fatigue because it is supporting so much of your body’s weight.

4. Stress Relief- Exercise releases “happy” chemicals in the brain, and the movement of water over your body results in both relaxation and massage.

5. No equipment necessary- You don’t need anything except a pool and yourself! The resistance of the water is very effective for weight loss, cardio, and strength training.

Have you ever tried aquatic fitness classes? Are you going to? Let us know in the comments below!

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