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All About Plateaus

Almost every day we see posts from customers who are following the plan but seem to have stalled a bit. Most of the time the person feels as if they are doing something wrong or even worse, starts thinking about giving up.

What we want you to know is this…plateauing is completely normal and is not necessarily a bad thing! While it feels disappointing it is important to realize that when you are losing weight, A LOT is going on with your body - in more ways than just the scale. If you have been losing weight steadily (or even for just a week) and suddenly are not, it may very well have nothing to do with what you are doing. Your body may simply be adjusting to all the biochemical changes happening inside. Fat cells are biologically active. Think of fat as an endocrine organ or gland, producing hormones and other substances. If you have a lot of body fat, especially abdominal fat, the normal balance of the hormones in your body are most likely disrupted. Losing weight requires the body to readjust all of the hormones involved in fat cells.

So, it stands to reason that if your weight loss has stalled, your body is adjusting to the hormonal shift…mostly likely in a good way! Remember to not focus solely on the scale. Take notice of other changes that could indicate that your body is healing from hormonal imbalance. Better sleep, more energy, feeling calmer, more balanced. These are all signs that your body is doing what you want it to! There is no specific timetable that your 'plateau' will stay, everyone’s biochemistry is different. But as long as you are not gaining back, you are still on the path to permanent weight loss and better health.

If you find yourself hanging out on a plateau there are a few ways that can help get things moving again. (Remember, these tips may not help immediately but they will eventually)

  1. Switch it up – If you are eating the same things each week, mix it up. Give your body different nutrients to process, stuff that it isn’t used to. If you are doing the same type of exercise each day, do something different. Your body gets used to what you give it, so give it a little surprise!
  2. Reset 7 – If you haven’t already done the Reset 7, the plateau is the perfect time to give it a try. If you did it, you can always do it again. Remember, you don’t have to follow the meal plan exactly – just eliminate red meat, dairy and grains.
  3. Exercise – As your metabolism improves, your energy level increases also and that is the perfect time to start exercising or to increase your current routine. Focus on strength training exercises that will build muscle and tone your body. In the end remember, you did not gain the weight overnight and as much as we would like to we aren’t going to lose it that quickly either. Just focus on how you are feeling, listen to your body and don’t try to compare yourself to others. You will accomplish your goals in the time that is right for you.

GOLO® is committed to providing you with the helpful tips and resources needed for personal success on a lifelong journey of health and wellness. It’s time to become #YourBestYou.


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