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Duration: 102 weeks

Weight Lost: 112 lbs.

Inches Lost Waist: 9"

Dress Sizes Lost: 9


Age: 42

Duration: 26 weeks

Weight Lost: 51.6 lbs.

Inches Lost Waist: 8.8"

Total Inches Lost: 31.6"

Pant Sizes Lost: 4


Age: 41

Duration: 55 weeks

Weight Lost: 60.6 lbs.

Inches Lost Waist: 11.6"

Total Inches Lost: 35.6"

Dress Sizes Lost: 5


Age: 44

Duration: 37 weeks

Weight Lost: 41.8 lbs.

Inches Lost Waist: 9"

Total Inches Lost: 26.5"

Pant Sizes Lost: 9


Age: 50

Duration: 42 weeks

Weight Lost: 52.4 lbs.

Inches Lost Waist: 10.3"

Total Inches Lost: 41.1"

Dress Sizes Lost: 5


Duration: 52 weeks

Weight Lost: 131 lbs.

Inches Lost Waist: 14"

Pant Sizes Lost: 6


Age: 67

Duration: 42 weeks

Weight Lost: 37.8 lbs.

Inches Lost Waist: 7.8"

Total Inches Lost: 31.7"

Dress Sizes Lost: 4


Duration: 102 weeks

Weight Lost: 97 lbs.

Inches Lost Waist: 11"

Pant Sizes Lost: 4


Age: 37

Duration: 55 weeks

Weight Lost: 25.6 lbs.

Inches Lost Waist: 7.3"

Total Inches Lost: 23.1"

Pant Sizes Lost: 6


Age: 11

Duration: 26 weeks

Weight Lost: 19 lbs.

Inches Lost Waist: 6"

Total Inches Lost: 19.2"

Dress Sizes Lost: 4


Duration: 55 weeks

Weight Lost: 50.8 lbs.

Inches Lost Waist: 13.1"

Total Inches Lost: 43.1"

Dress Sizes Lost: 5


Duration: 42 weeks

Weight Lost: 36 lbs.

Inches Lost Waist: 7.1"

Total Inches Lost: 29.2"

Pant Sizes Lost: 8

Take Control and
Lose Pounds with GOLO!

Fight Insulin Resistance - the key to losing weight

  • GOLO's unique Rescue Pak supplements prep your body for weight loss
  • Your Metabolic Fuel Matrix shows you how and what to eat to get you shedding pounds
  • Personalized GOLO Roadmap sets your goals and tracks your progress

It's Time to Finally Lose the Pounds – with GOLO!

With GOLO, you finally have the tools to lose the weight you've been trying to get rid of. That's because GOLO's approach attacks the very cause of weight loss in the first place: Insulin Resistance, a condition where your body turns sugar into fat instead of energy.

GOLO helps you reverse that process, correcting your insulin levels and allowing your body to use your stored fat as energy, resulting in healthy, safe weight loss. It's time to start losing weight. It's time to get GOLO!

Lose Weight and Keep it Off!
I lost 20lbs.

“I have never endorsed a product before, but when I saw the results that real people... were getting with GOLO. I got so motivated I decided to try GOLO for myself.

My weight is now under control, and I lost 20 pounds in 90 days!”

- Keith Ablow, M.D.

Here's Why Golo is theTotal Solution to Weight Loss

Rescue Pak™

GOLO developed specific supplements just to address the difficulties of losing weight for insulin-resistant people. Balance helps you manage your mood and stress so you can better control when and how you eat. Control promotes the release of an appropriate amount of insulin. Release prepares your body to use stored fat as energy, supercharging the weight loss process!

Metabolic Fuel Matrix™

GOLO's Metabolic Fuel Matrix is your complete guide to what and how to eat. GOLO foods are whole, healthy and don't have the preservatives and additives found in meal replacement bars and shakes.

The best part about GOLO's Metabolic Fuel Matrix is that you won't be hungry, and you'll still lose weight! With GOLO, you don't deprive yourself, but you do transform yourself!
Try GOLO now!


Your personalized GOLO Roadmap contains vital information like your Insulin Resistance score and metabolic age, and also helps you set targets for achievable weight loss goals.

Your Roadmap also identifies daily fuel allowances and activity levels so you keep losing weight... and that's what GOLO is all about!

What Will I
Be Eating?

With GOLO's Metabolic Fuel Matrix, you're eating delicious healthy whole foods that fuel your body while working synergistically with the Rescue Pak supplements to optimize your body to use stored fat and boost metabolism to keep weight off for good.

GOLO foods avoid preservatives and additives that can inflame your Insulin Resistance and trap fat inside your body – so you're fueling your body while still working to get the weight off!

Do You Have
Insulin Resistance?

Do you have difficulty losing weight?

Do you gain weight easily?

Do you have difficulty keeping weight off?

Do you think you have a slow metabolism?

Can you pinch 2" around your belly?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you probably have Insulin Resistance. Insulin can trap fat in your body and make it difficult to lose weight.

Plus lots of diets can make Insulin Resistance worse. GOLO can help you overcome Insulin Resistance so you can turn fat into energy in order to lose weight and keep it off.

Great Results!

Weight Lost


Waist Reduction


Cholesterol Reduction


Metabolism Boosted by


Participant 6-month result averages

GOLO is a different approach to dieting and weight loss, since GOLO addresses a central issue in weight gain: Insulin Resistance. That's why GOLO focuses on the foods you should eat to keep from gaining weight and that will help you boost your metabolism. And since you don't have to buy your food from GOLO, you save big money over other weight loss plans, on healthier foods free of preservatives!

Real People. Real Stories.

“With the GOLO program, you can make this transformation. I did, I never thought I could. I tried for years. It's a completely new life for me. I'm a size 4 now – I'm so excited about being a 4!”

- Pat

“Anyone can make this change – you just have to grasp onto it and start riding the GOLO program because it will get you the results that you're looking for.”

- James