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Smarter Weight Loss and Better Health

GOLO has helped over 300,000 people lose over 10 million pounds! And they did it by doing the opposite to what the diet industry wants you to do.

"I couldn’t find clothes that fit me and thought I would never lose this weight. I got it right with GOLO. GOLO isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle. I feel great and I’ve kept the weight off for two years now" ~ Debbie* lost 112 lbs in 1 year

"My life expectancy would be shortened drastically if I continued this route. With GOLO I saw the results immediately and that helped me stay motivated, it was easy and flexible. Now I'm fit and healthy and I look forward to each day." ~ Graeme* lost 131 lbs in 1 year

"Discovering GOLO has changed and quite possibly saved my life." ~ Cynthia, CA

"I have lost 85 lbs. with GOLO! I eat more food now than ever before and I never feel deprived. I was so unhappy and desperate before and now I’m gloriously happy because I can live."

"When I started GOLO my whole world was falling apart." ~ Steven, AZ

"I was irritable and angry; my health and marriage were failing and I was pre-diabetic. My goal was to lose 50 pounds but it was so easy I lost 86! GOLO works. I haven’t felt this good since I was 23!"

Balancing The Hormones That Affect Weight = Sustainable Weight Loss!

The fact is, conventional dieting hasn’t worked for most of us because you can’t starve fat from your body!

When you cut calories too drastically, cut key fats and carbs, or replace real food with shakes bars, or processed meals, you lose muscle and water weight, not fat. Dieting this way creates a false weight loss and causes and imbalance to the hormones that affect weight, slowing your metabolism further and making it easier to gain weight quickly.

Hormone imbalances block your body’s ability to release stored fat, and cause more fat storage because they influence appetite and fat distribution. Hormone imbalances trigger stress and anxiety, cause fatigue, hunger and cravings, poor sleep quality and other symptoms all which drive emotional decisions like overeating, bingeing and cravings for fatty or high sugar foods.

The secret to sustainable weight loss and good health is balancing the hormones that affect weight and increasing metabolic efficiency so you can lose weight easily.

Below are some indicators of hormone imbalances that you may be experiencing –

Whether you have one indicator or many, GOLO can help restore hormone balance so you can lose weight effectively and improve your health.

GOLO gave me what a one point seemed impossible! I can participate in physical activities with my family again.
~ Lisa* lost 50.6 lbs., 7.5 inches off her waist and eliminated arthritis medication in 37 weeks.

“If one hormone is out of balance, we can experience many different uncomfortable symptoms that we might not even think are related to our hormones, but certainly are. Some symptoms that can occur from hormonal imbalances are: aches and pains, sleeplessness, moodiness, fatigue, osteoporosis, wrinkling skin, even weight gain and water retention, as well as many others.”
~ Jen Morganti, ND

"I was on medication, tired and just not interested in doing many things. Since I've been on GOLO I'm much more energetic. I spend more time playing with my kids and my wife says I'm a better husband, which makes me feel good." ~ Patrick* lost 64 lbs in 1 year

"I was tired all the time, couldn’t sleep and my legs hurt. Release has taken away my hunger and cravings, and improved my sleep! GOLO is the best thing I ever did for my health, it's changed my life. With GOLO there is no way you can fail." ~ Phyllis* lost 124 lbs in 1 year

The Science behind GOLO

We know the pain and frustration that goes with gaining weight and the health issues that can follow. Whether you want to lose weight to get healthier or to look and feel better, GOLO can help. Our team worked tirelessly to find a solution so you can reach your goals and never have to diet again.

In 2008 the founding GOLO medical team set about to find a solution. Research showed that as consumers gained weight, diabetes, heart disease and other risk factors increased.

The challenge they faced was how to restore metabolic health and eliminate the common reasons diets fail which are sugar cravings, hunger between meals, diet fatigue and overly complicated and expensive plans and apps.

They concluded that diet and exercise alone was not sufficient to provide lasting weight loss and that nutraceutical intervention in conjunction with a smarter eating plan was necessary.

Their research led them to specific plants and minerals that had been successfully and safely used and were clinically proven to address key hormones that affected weight, and could also improve health. They chose 7 natural plants and 3 critical minerals in a proprietary blend that together created the mechanisms of actions needed to balance hormones, increase metabolic efficiency, control blood sugar levels and increase energy and vitality.



About Release

Release is designed to work fast to STOP further weight gain and starts to repair the imbalances that prevent weight loss.

The natural plants and minerals in Release target stubborn belly fat that is driven by hormones. Release eliminates belly fat by balancing the hormones that regulate fat and carbohydrate metabolism, control stress, cravings and hunger between meals, and overall metabolic health.

The ingredients in Release are proven to reduce insulin resistance and improve metabolic and hormone efficiency so you are able to achieve steady and sustainable weight loss by:

  • Supporting healthy blood glucose metabolism
  • Controlling sugar cravings
  • Balancing and stabilizing the key hormones that affect weight
  • Increasing energy and stamina and reducing stress and anxiety

Release is Proven to be Safe and Effective

  • Safe to take with medications, even those for type 2 diabetes
  • No side effects-other than weight loss and better health
  • Does not require a prescription and is safe for long-term use
  • Has over 100 studies supporting the safety and efficacy of the ingredients
  • Does NOT contain caffeine or other stimulants – all natural

Release is made in the USA

Release is made in the USA at an FDA registered pharmaceutical facility which is NSF International, Health Canada, TGA and Organic certified.

Canada Flag

In addition, Health Canada* has recognized and supports additional functions of Release as listed below.

  • Maintain the body’s ability to metabolize nutrients
  • Support cognitive function, such as mental focus and mental stamina
  • Protect cells against the oxidative effect and cell damage caused by free radicals
  • Support connective tissue formation and energy metabolism
  • Helps to maintain normal DNA synthesis
  • Maintain healthy bones, hair, nails and skin

In a recent clinical study, trial participants lost 75.7% more weight when taking Release versus a placebo supplement. Trial participants taking Release also saw significant improvements in health indicators like blood sugar and lipid panel.*

“GOLO helps stabilize blood sugar. There is no hunger between meals and the supplements have no side effects. That’s a great achievement.”
~ Dr. Ina de Beer

Dr. Ina De Beer

Real Food – Real Results!

Our bodies were not designed to eat diet food, low-fat, low-carb or processed meal replacements. And, who wants to constantly count calories or follow complicated apps? We’ve created the Metabolic Plan to show you how to lose weight without giving up the foods you love to eat, including bread, butter and pasta. Your metabolism will be turbo-charged. And, with the help of Release, you are able to eat more food and still lose weight, because you process food and calories more efficiently, even if you indulge.

On the Metabolic Plan you build up your metabolism, strengthen your immune system and balance hormones so you can enjoy food again, lose weight and get healthier – without making any drastic lifestyle changes. It’s effortless!

  • No fancy recipes or expensive foods to buy. You may even see your grocery bill go down because simple, healthy foods that help you lose weight are affordable.
  • No counting calories – who wants to be glued to an app? That’s not real life
  • No isolation or deprivation – Eat the same foods as your family and friends
  • No diet plateaus – Steadily lose real fat not water or muscle – and reach your goals

Lose more weight and get healthier, save money and stop dieting with the GOLO Metabolic Plan

In GOLO studies, the average diet compliance was only 75% yet study participants lost an average of 20.6 pounds in 13 weeks and 37.4 pounds in 26 weeks.

Dr. Keith Ablow

“GOLO has the only solution you need to balance hormones, stabilize your metabolism and lose weight so you can be healthier, more energetic and vibrant for the rest of your life. Not only do I follow GOLO myself, my patients have seen amazing results too.”
~ Dr. Keith Ablow

GOLO Studies

GOLO is committed to providing a superior product that works. Numerous studies have been conducted with amazing results:

6 pilot studies on the Metabolic Plan and Release supplement. Average 6 months results were: Average weight loss of 37.4 lbs. (16.1% of body weight), waist reduction of 6.4 inches, 23.3 inches overall, 3.4 dress sizes and 5.3 pant sizes

13-week Study on the Metabolic Plan and Release for glycemic control and indicators of insulin sensitivity in overweight and obese patients with type 2 diabetes (2017): 15 subjects completed the study over the 13-week treatment period. Overall weight loss averaged 7.9 lbs. (-3.8%) and BMI levels dropped by 1.3 (-3.7%). Markers of glycemic control improved with Hemoglobin A1C (-9.2%) and fasting blood glucose (-17.9%) decreasing while markers of insulin resistance including insulin levels (-18.7%) and HOMA-IR (-36.6%) showed substantial improvement. Favorable improvement was also noted in other laboratory results and clinical measures including cholesterol levels and inflammation.

13-week double blind placebo-controlled study on overweight subjects measuring the Release vs. placebo (2018): Subjects on Release lost 75.7% more weight and 168.1% more inches around their waists than the subjects on placebo. Subjects on Release also saw significantly higher reductions in cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar levels than the subjects on placebo.

Metabolic Age Reduction: In GOLO pilot studies we measured metabolic age. Metabolic Age is an indication of metabolic and hormone efficiency, energy and vitality, cell regeneration and aging. On average participants reduced their metabolic age by 8.3 years in just 90 days, 13.1 years in 6 months, and over 20 years in only 1 year.

"GOLO is a Life Changer!" ~ Lisa

“GOLO is a life changer. I feel great, sleep great and I’m losing weight easily. But this isn't just about weight. It’s about insulin resistance, cholesterol and so much more. No drug interaction and my doctors are blown away!”

"Thank You GOLO, You’ve Saved My Life!" ~ Judy

“When I started GOLO, I was on meds for cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes and my weight was 198. Today it’s 147 and my A1C 5.6. My doctor cut my meds in half and said in 3 months he may take me off of them.”

GOLO Solutions

We are proud to have developed a product that is making significant changes in people’s lives. Everyone can benefit from healthy weight loss, better health and sustainable lifestyle solutions – whether you have 10 or more than 100 pounds to lose.

The obesity crisis we face today affects everyone whether it is you personally or a loved one. In addition to healthy weight loss, many people have been able to avoid, reduce and eliminate medications and reverse weight related health conditions like Type 2 diabetes and heart disease GOLO has been a miracle for these people who had given up on good health.

Watch this short video to see how people who had given up succeeded on GOLO

Within days of starting GOLO you will start to feel better, more balanced and energetic. You may be sleeping better and feel like you have more clarity and focus. Why? Because your body is getting the support it needs to function properly, and can start releasing stored fat.

Here are just 10 reasons to try GOLO and get off the diet merry-go-round:

  • Over 300,000 happy customers and a 98.5% customer satisfaction rating
  • Real results - Lose fat weight and keep it off
  • No diet plateau so you can reach your goal weight
  • Proven to help you avoid, reduce or eliminate medications
  • A+ BBB rating – In business for over 7 years
  • Real support from our coaches
  • Free online myGOLO.com membership
  • No monthly fees, meetings or complicated apps
  • No auto billing or auto shipping
  • 100% 60-day money back guarantee

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